HATE TO SEE YOU GO - the *NEW* Geoff Hartwell CD!

"Hate To See You Go" features his long-time touring band and an incredible lineup of special guests that includes slide guitar legend Sonny Landreth, Bari sax genius Dana Colley (of the influential band Morphine), and Lapsteel wizard Cindy Cashdollar (from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams and Asleep at the Wheel). Buy the CD Direct from CD Baby! :) We love CD Baby! Buy it from here.

PERFECT STRANGER - Geoff Hartwell's debut CD!

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You can buy individual songs, or get the whole album for under $9! (But if you want the album artwork, lyrics, liner notes and even the CHORDS written out, get it from CDBaby and get the whole enchilada!) GEOFF HARTWELL SONGS on iTunes! High quality downloadable music service that supports me DIRECTLY! :) Geoff Hartwell

Ultimate Slide Guitar: Essential Slide Tecnhiques

Have you always wanted to know more about SLIDE GUITAR? Have you paid good money for private lessons and still struggled? Do you want to play like your heroes in no time? Here’s your chance to learn the techniques of the masters! From classic icons like ELMORE JAMES and DUANE ALLMAN, to modern innovators like SONNY LANDRETH! Geoff Hartwell is on the faculty at the National Guitar Workshop, and has taught many clinics and seminars with special guests such as slide guitar innovator SONNY LANDRETH and lapsteel/dobro wizard CINDY CASHDOLLAR. "The master class he conducted at the Lone Star School of music was attended by absolute beginners, professional guitarists and every level in between- No one left empty-handed. Geoff's skills as a slide player put him in an elite group of musicians, but his ability to break down those skills and demonstrate them in simple, crystal clear terms make him one of a kind." Kurt Phillips- President, Lone Star School of Music, Austin, Texas How much did you pay for your last guitar lesson? Here's FIVE YEARS of lessons in under an hour! SEE THE TRAILER TO MY NEW DVD! Ships out to you in 24 hours!

Slide Guitar Lessons with Geoff at Truefire.com

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