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Geoff Hartwell: Links

Geoff Hartwell on Facebook
Geoff Hartwell's new CD, "Perfect Stranger"
Get Geoff Hartwell's songs from iTunes!
Hamer Guitars
Hamer makes the best guitars on the planet. Life's too short to play a crappy guitar. I use ALL Hamer electric guitars. Check 'em out!
Pigtronix Effects
Pigtronix makes innovative combinations of great sounding effects. I use the Envelope Phaser and the Disnortion.
Sam Ash Music is a great source for gear! For students and Pros!
GoldTone Acoustic Instruments
GoldTone makes really great (and AFFORDABLE) acoustic instruments. I use the Paul Beard Designed PBS Deluxe Dobro.
The Bayou!
This is the best venue in Westchester! Great Music, Great Food, Great People!
Sonny Landreth
The best slide guitar player on the planet.
Cindy Cashdollar
The world's greatest lapsteel and Dobro artist.
J.J. Clarke
A great drummer, and a great friend.
Shar Adrias - Film Maker
Shar is the BOMB! She is an incredible film maker and a world-class sweetheart. We worked together on my Slide DVD and my Promo video.
SoulMouth Productions
A community based on Musicians!
Photography by Mikolaj
An incredible visual and photographic talent.
Petey Hop
A versatile acoustic and electric guitarist/singer/songwriter and a hell of a great guy!
Jennifer Bloom
A beautiful singer/songwriter and beautiful friend. She sang the bulk of the harmonies on my CD "Perfect Stranger".
Shane Kirsch
From P-funk to Duke Ellington, he's a monster sax player and a great guy!
Johnny Feds and the Bluez Boyz
Johnny Feds is a dear friend and a killin' guitar player!
Westchester Putnam Guitar Society
A group of players of all skill levels and interests who join together to jam and share their expertise and enthusiasm for the guitar.